Review: ‘Ruby Gillman, Teenage Kraken’

Original animation is in a pretty bad place. And by “Original” I mean stories that have not originated from a well-known piece of media like being a sequel or a spin-off or a book. The last original animated movie to do reasonably well was Encanto in 2021, but even that only took off when it [...]

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Review: The High Note

In this era of reality, competitive television making stars out of talented unknowns, it is a curiosity why a film about the rise or fall of a musical star would be a hot commodity. And yet, Nisha Ganatra's "The High Note" strikes the right chord between two generations as one star misses her beats, and [...]

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Film Review: “A Monster Calls”

A Monster Calls is a film that asks the question: how do we deal with the conflicting emotions that we experience when we're grieving?  This inspiring and heartbreaking tale comes across as dark, and in some ways it is.  However, it is ultimately very cathartic and teaches a refreshing lesson in self-honesty. Here's the synopsis: 12-year-old Conor, [...]

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Review: “Florence Foster Jenkins”

Florence Foster Jenkins was a real woman, a NYC socialite, whose passion for music inspired her to become an opera singer, while blissfully unaware of how terrible her voice was.   As portrayed in the film, Florence (Meryl Streep) was quite a unique individual.  She was a very passionate woman and wanted to make the world [...]

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Review: “Mustang”

"Mustang" - “Time misspent in youth is sometimes all the freedom one ever has.”  - Anita Brookner For five giggling, smiling and likable sisters - ranging in ages roughly between 9 and 16 - they “misspend” their time like any other group of schoolgirls.  On one particular day after school - in their small, coastal [...]

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