Arizona Filmmaker Showcase January – Shady shaved innocence bleeds alone

The first Arizona Filmmaker Showcase of 2017 took place the last Sunday of January with five films screening at Filmbar Phoenix. If there was any underlying theme tying these films together it was too subtle for anyone to notice. Some films never die while others find new life at the Arizona Filmmaker Showcase. Be sure [...]

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‘Murderess’ – Puppets tell story of famous Phoenix murder

There are many bizarre crime stories that have taken place in Phoenix that are crying out to be made into a movie, and the tale of the notorious "Trunk Murderess" Winnie Ruth Judd certainly ranks way up there in the top 10 (Hinman kidnapping is number one in my book, sorry). 85 years ago this Sunday; [...]

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Arizona Filmmaker Showcase September – Burdens laid down by the river side

The films selected to screen at last Sunday’s Arizona Filmmaker Showcase were evenly split right down the middle; two very serious films and two comedies, with one nature film to even out the mix. Hosted by Matt Robinson of 'The Dark Of The Matinee,' The Arizona Filmmaker Showcase takes place every last Sunday of the month at [...]

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