A24 Sent Us a Creepy Envelope

Over the weekend we received a large, ominous black envelope.  At first, we had no idea who it was from, but upon closer inspection, the wax seal on the back identified its origin as A24, one of our favorite film distributors.  These are the guys who have delivered films such as Moonlight, Free Fire, Green Room, Ex [...]

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The Cinema Files Top 10 Films for 2016

Another fascinating year in cinema, 2016 was unusual in many ways.  There was a record number of DECADES late sequels and spin-offs, a trend we will see continuing into 2017, even though each of this year's offerings was a financial and critical disappointment.  Speaking of disappointments we also saw a record number of Blockbuster [...]

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Review: “Green Room”

While many films choose to depend solely on either psychological or visual horror,  Jeremy Saulnier’s “Green Room” masterfully blends both, resulting in a film with unparalleled tension and dread. For those who are “true”, Punk Rock is more than a genre of music, it’s a lifestyle.  The four young band members in “Green Room” embody [...]

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