Review: “Alita: Battle Angel”

A team-up between billion-dollar director James Cameron and $7k-feature director Robert Rodriguez never sounded like a sure thing, especially when the project they choose to collaborate on is a live-action adaptation of a 90's era Manga/Anime series.   An unlikely collaboration such as this usually yields either brilliance or disaster, but "Alita: Battle Angel" is neither.  Instead, it captures the highs [...]

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Movie Review: “The Dark Tower”

There are few literary series which are as creative or intricate as Stephen King’s “Dark Tower” anthology.  Over the span of eight novels and a standalone short story, King weaves an ultimate tale of good versus evil.  His characters are deep and complex, heroes often doing terrible things or making painful sacrifices in the name [...]

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Review: “The Birth of a Nation” (2016)

Nate Parker not only makes his directorial debut with this film but also wrote the screenplay and stars in the lead role.  It’s an impressive undertaking, and for the most part, a successful one. “The Birth of a Nation” is based on the true story of Nat Turner (Parker), a slave and preacher who led [...]

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