Film Review: “The Wheel of Heaven”

Joe Badon is an independent filmmaker based in New Orleans who made one of the most mind expanding films of recent years with the brilliantly insane film “Sister Tempest (2020).” “Sister Tempest” was a brilliant masterpiece of surrealistic cinema that was like a cross between John Waters and David Lynch. Badon's debut film "The God [...]

Film Review: “The Wheel of Heaven: Part One”

Who is Joe Badon? Is he the 46th President of the United States? No, that would be Joe Biden. Is he an independent filmmaker based in New Orleans who makes strange films that will change your perception of reality? Yes, that’s who Joe Badon is…a one of a kind original voice in the cinematic landscape [...]

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Joe Badon Interview: Director and Writer of “Sister Tempest”

In an age when so many major films have escalating budgets that rely on soulless, artificial digital CGI effects to tell their stories, it is refreshing when a micro-budget film like Sister Tempest arrives to remind us of the exciting possibilities still inherent in cinematic storytelling. Using a budget that is only a fraction of [...]

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