Review: “Miss Sloane”

The opening shot of “Miss Sloane” is a tight close up on Jessica Chastain as she methodically, almost impassionately, describes her job as a high-end government lobbyist.  “It’s about foresight, anticipating your opponent's moves, devising countermeasures, and making sure they don’t surprise you” she states as the camera ever so slowly pulls back.  There’s something [...]

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Interview: Director John Madden Discusses Our Fascination With “Miss Sloane”

Leading up to the release of the new political thriller, “Miss Sloane” this December 9th, we had the opportunity to sit down with Director John Madden and discuss his latest film.  You may recognize Madden from his previous movies such as “The Debt”, “Proof”, and “Shakespeare in Love.” We talked about his collaboration process with [...]

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