Review: “Showing Up”

To say that Kelly Reichardt's movies are an experience is apropos. Her "eye," or camera, tends to remain steady; the action on screen happens within the frame as the eye gently yaws through the commotion. Perceptibly, the camera never moves, yet we're aware of the motion because of that commotion, thus creating the experience. Reichardt's [...]

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Movie Review: First Cow

As I reflect on Kelly Reichardt’s “First Cow,” which opens in select theaters this weekend, I can’t help but smile on my “first Reichardt” experience, “Certain Women” and the audience reaction to that film. It is important to set the stage for this experience in that I was not a member of the press, so [...]

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Review: “Certain Women”

“Certain Women” pulls three tales from  Maile Meloy’s collection of short stories that are not directly connected but share common themes and emotions.  Each segment is a self-contained snapshot within the character’s life of an event that likely became a defining moment for them. The first story revolves around a successful lawyer, Laura Wells ( [...]

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