The Cinema Files Top 10 Films for 2016

Another fascinating year in cinema, 2016 was unusual in many ways.  There was a record number of DECADES late sequels and spin-offs, a trend we will see continuing into 2017, even though each of this year's offerings was a financial and critical disappointment.  Speaking of disappointments we also saw a record number of Blockbuster [...]

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Review: “Morris from America”

“Morris from America”:  Morris wants to be a gangster rap artist.  Morris likes one marshmallow in his hot chocolate.  Morris is 13 years old. Although Morris (Markees Christmas) has big dreams of super rap-stardom, he – like almost all young teens – finds himself spending most of his days emotionally confined in a world of [...]

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“Morris From America” Official Trailer & Poster

"Morris From America" is a coming of age story about 13 yr old Morris Gentry and his recent move to Heidelberg, Germany with is Father, Curtis. Morris has big dreams of becoming a rapper; like his idol Notorious B.I.G.,  but making it as a hip-hop star while immersed in Germany's ever growing EDM trend, proves [...]

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