Review: “Logan”

“Logan” – “Not okay!” Logan (Hugh Jackman) directs these words to an uber-aggressive mutant named Laura (Dafne Keen), who is roughly 11 years-old.  She was about to make mincemeat of an unsuspecting convenience store clerk, because he caught her stealing a pair of sunglasses and a box of Pringles.  Thankfully, in a life-or-death teaching moment, [...]

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Review: “Green Room”

While many films choose to depend solely on either psychological or visual horror,  Jeremy Saulnier’s “Green Room” masterfully blends both, resulting in a film with unparalleled tension and dread. For those who are “true”, Punk Rock is more than a genre of music, it’s a lifestyle.  The four young band members in “Green Room” embody [...]

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