Review: “Nanny”

Horror comes in many shapes and sizes, is personal in nature, and is traumatic, to say the least. Trauma is a mischaracterized aspect of horror, given the individual reaction to an event or a series of events, and is a part of what first-time director Nikyatu Jusu explores in her film, "Nanny," now in select [...]

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Be the first to see an online screening of: THE PEOPLE WE HATE AT THE WEDDING  Wednesday, November 16 Movie Start: 7:00PM MST Complimentary passes to the screening can be procured through the link here:   In the hilariously raunchy comedy The People We Hate at the Wedding, dysfunctional American siblings Alice (Kristen Bell) and Paul [...]

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Review: “Thirteen Lives”

Ron Howard has proven to be adept at telling human interest stories. Stories that capture actual life events in far more controlled environments. His latest, Thirteen Lives, hits Prime Video today after spending an Oscar-qualifying week in selected theaters. Thirteen Lives is the biographical story of the 2018 events of a junior football team and [...]

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