Man of Action’s Joe Casey Serves Up Details on the Upcoming “Officer Downe” Film Adaptation

We recently had the opportunity to interrogate Man of Action's Joe Casey on both his original comic and the upcoming film adaptation, "Officer Downe."  This uber-violent tale of justice revolves around an unkillable LAPD officer who is repeatedly resurrected and returned to duty.   Not exactly a zombie, and not exactly a human, Downe is an [...]

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“Officer Downe” Official Trailer

Based on the 2010 graphic novel by Man of Action's Joe Casey (Ben 10, Ultimate Spiderman), and directed by Shawn Crahan(the clown from Slipknot!), "Officer Down" is an LA cop who is repeatedly resurrected to wage war against crime.  Here's a first look at this hyper-realistic, uber-violent, crime-fighting-zombie flick!

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