Phoenix Critics Circle 2023 Award Winners

The Phoenix Critics Circle proudly announces its winners for 2023. “Oppenheimer” led the pack with four wins but was not able to snag Best Picture, which instead went to "Past Lives," which ironically did not win in any other category. The complete list of winners and nominations is listed below: [...]

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Review: “The Creator”

Gareth Edwards' "The Creator," his first film since 2016's "Rouge One," continues his legacy of gorgeous visuals paired with a logic-deprived script.  The story combines elements from "Blade Runner," "District 9," "Altered Carbon," and "Westworld," but only on a superficial level.  Fascinating concepts are introduced, but never given time to grow.  Instead, we are treated [...]

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Atlanta Screening – THE CREATOR

You're invited to the advanced screening of  THE CREATOR Date: Tuesday, September 26th Time: 7:00PM Atlanta: Regal Atlantic Station Link(s) to Passes: Mind On Movies (40 admit-2 passes loaded): If the site asks for a code, enter: CREATORtcf     An epic sci-fi action thriller set amidst a future war between the human race and the forces of artificial intelligence, “The [...]

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