The Cinema Files Top 10 Films for 2016

Another fascinating year in cinema, 2016 was unusual in many ways.  There was a record number of DECADES late sequels and spin-offs, a trend we will see continuing into 2017, even though each of this year's offerings was a financial and critical disappointment.  Speaking of disappointments we also saw a record number of Blockbuster [...]

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‘Moonlight’ wins the Phoenix Critics Circle’s Best Picture Award

On Dec. 16, The Phoenix Critics Circle, along with their friends and spouses, enjoyed a festive evening and announced its winners for the best films, performances and technical categories of 2016. The affecting drama "Moonlight" took three awards, including the top prize for Best Picture, Best Supporting Actor (Mahershala Ali) and tied for Best Director (Barry [...]

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Review: “The Lobster”

“The Lobster” - On an ordinary, overcast day in the British Isles, David (Colin Farrell) checks into a 5-star, countryside hotel.  His stay will be far from predictable, and in fact, under a most bizarre scenario, David has 45 days to find love.  If he succeeds, he will discover happiness forever, but if he fails, [...]

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