The fifth year of the largest Steampunk convention in the southwest was held March 4th-6th at the iconic Old Tucson Studios.  We’ve attended a number of cons over the years, but the Wild Wild West Con is one of the most unique.  While considerably smaller than many comic-cons, none are as immersive as this event.  Where else do all the costumed attendees fit so perfectly into the venue?  Focused not on mainstream established characters, but rather on the culture and art of the Steampunk genre there is a sense of unbridled creativity around every corner.

As you can see in the 360 video below (move the view around with your mouse or use Google Cardboard!)  The Wild Wild West Con can be pleasantly laid back at times.  There are plenty of people there, but you won’t be struggling for elbow room as you work your way between the 60+ Vendors and 80+ Panels & Workshops.

Returning for the third year in a row were the stunning Steamgirls, led by Kato, a model, fashion designer and entrepreneur whose beauty is exceeded only by her talent and charming personality.  Listening to the panels she’s a part of is both inspiring and entertaining.   This year, there was a panel featuring the cast of reality show “Steampunk’d.”  Since all their Non-Disclosure Agreements tied to the series have expired it was a refreshingly candid discussion of what really goes on behind the scenes of a reality series.   Among the panelist was Ave Rose, an incredibly talented artists whose “Butterfly Dream Machine” was on display in the Courthouse.  This musical mechanical marvel must be seen to believed:

In addition to all the artists, panels, and vendors, there are various live performances taking place throughout the venue.  Below is a 360 video of one of Deus Ex Vapore Machina’s performance’s!


For more information on this unique annual event, be sure to check out the WWWC website, and start planning for next year!

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